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        What is a natural sponge?








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        What is a natural sponge?

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        Natural sponges have been widely used as sanitary wares since ancient times. Rock paintings on Crete Island in ancient Greece depict the use of natural sponges. In the Middle Ages, natural sponges began to be used in churches and medicine. Today, natural sponges are used more and more widely. Although they are challenged by cheap synthetic sponges, they are characterized by their outstanding characteristics: pure nature, durability, rigidity when dry, super-soft natural fibers when wet, strong water absorption, rich in seabed minerals, antistatic, not easy to grow mould, etc. Natural sponges are also used in art decoration besides bath care. Painting, laboratory, hospital, leather care, etc.

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        1. Suitable for infant skin care and bathing. Because the baby's skin is delicate, using natural sponge to bathe the baby, soft and delicate natural sponge fiber will bring a very comfortable feeling to the baby. Natural sponges are good gifts for infants and young children.

        2. Can be used for deep cleansing and skin cleaning, exfoliation, acne prevention. When applying, first wet the natural sponge (because the sponge has strong water absorption, when the sponge does not spongy when it moisten the sponge), then rub the soap with water or milk, liquid and paste on the natural sponge and make it produce foam. Then change it to the whole skin or face, and use different massage speed and pressure to clean the upper and lower circles. Natural sponge cleanliness is generally several times the number of hands, and can save bath emulsion, soap consumption.

        3. It can be used to affect facial capillaries, shorten pore, slow down bags and wrinkles. When using, just moisten the sponge, then massage it repeatedly in the facial pouches, corners of the eyes, forehead, nose alar and other parts until they have a slight fever.

        4. It can be used to relieve fatigue. When used, drop a few drops of essential oil or wind oil essence on a wet natural sponge, then quietly massage the temples or middle-sized acupoints.

        5. It can be used for facial, eye, eyelashes and lip unloading. When using, pour proper amount of unloading product on wet natural sponge, then gently touch the unloading part, repeat until removing cosmetic dirt. Natural sponge can be reused and used for unloading. It has excellent effect.

        6. It can be used for leather care. Before using it, clean towel is used to wipe off the dirt and dust on the leather, and then natural sponge is used to dip the surface of the leather clockwise to wipe clockwise with the special cleaning agent for the leather, so as to deepen the intention of complete pore cleaning.

        7. Painting and decoration that can be used for special purposes. Because natural sponges have very good irregular pores, fibers and shapes, using natural sponges to paint can invent common painting texture and material function. Because of its super softness and strong water absorption, it is also very suitable for decolorization in painting.



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